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The wiki has become the clear choice for use among projects for their help documentation. This project takes the wiki concept and tailors it for use specifically for help documentation. It combines the best of both worlds with the operation similar to a chm viewer and the web technologies that enable community involvement


Client side is pure Javascript using mostly original code. Backend is PHP. Database is mySQL. Wiki conversion by Wiky. Diff processing by simpleDiff.


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A hypersearch component for ace editor . The results are clickable and will navigate to the desired location in the editor. Searches can be performed across multiple edit sessions.


Javascript class developed to interface with the ace editor and perform the search and list the results with links




PIE - Property Investment Evaluation

The PIE project aims to provide Real Estate Investors with a FREE web based tool to use to evaluate potential rental properties before investing.


Client side is pure Javascript based on the Qooxdoo platform. Backend is PHP. Database is mySQL and reports are generated with FPDF


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allows remote monitoring of your FreePOS system. Just download POSmonitor to your FreePOS server and monitor your restaurant from anywhere in the world. See in real time the status of tables, employees, profit/loss and items being sold. Built in web server requires no knowledge of web servers to configure.


Pure Java embedded web server. Data is proprietary to FreePOS. AJAX was implemented via javascript requests from the browser to the Java embedded web server. Reports are generated in pure HTML/CSS


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Creation of a printable directory in pdf format. Uses: church groups, sports teams etc. Selected members of the org. directly enter information on members, teams, clubs etc. Upload offline created pdf files. Auto Gen ouput from member info.


PHP server side scripting with some manual client side javascript and the help of PHP Layers Menu for menus and trees. mySQL database for data storage.

TreeDumpView Application.

jEdit Plugin.


This application was written to ease the exploring of dump files for Andover Controls Building Automation Controllers. These files were commonly used by programmers and service technicians for analysing the systems. The files were difficult to navigate and read. An example would be thousands of times over something similar to this.

Object : yk.Amps.PhB.Ch1
  Type : InfinityNumeric
  LastChange : 9/26/2000 12:49:38 PM
  DeviceId : NameOfNetwork\NameOfCX
  Alias : yk.Amps.PhB.Ch1
  CreateTime : 8/13/2000 1:17:23 AM
  CreatedBy : Root\Acc
  TimeLocked : 10/16/2000 4:55:01 PM
  Format : ###.#
  Port :
  Triggers :
  Value :   0.0

This greatly reduced the time needed to find information and increased productivity. It was developed as a stand alone application as well as a plugin for the jEdit editor. Used as a plugin, editing is available.


Java swing desktop application.

User interface for configuring and testing

Test data graph in PDF

Sequence Test

This was developed to save time with the commissioning process. This works directly with the Andover Controls system to perform all the necessary steps to perform the test. Multiple tests(up to 10 without overloading the system) could run simultaneously. Progress is displayed in the UI via a line graph. Points lists, program listings and cross references were all automatically generated into a single PDF file.


This was developed using C# as a dotnet desktop application. All configuration data and test result data is stored in one XML file. Communication to the control system is done through a COM object provided by the manufacturer. PDF generated with iTextSharp.

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